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Fort Collins, CO

Laura L. Smith

Writer with a sense of adventure. Experience with non-profit marketing, writing, editing, photography, social media and graphic design. Highly versed in sarcasm.

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Going Rogue: Protecting the Outdoors Through Social Media

In today’s society, you can learn almost everything you need to from what’s trending. As someone who makes a living by posting, tweeting and hash-tagging, the impact of social media has always been fascinating to me; more so now than ever before. And though I hide behind a screen for 40 hours a week, my true passion will always be the outdoors.

Why We Need to Take Trump Supporters for a Hike

I’ve always felt safer in nature. Even though animals may attack or I might sprain my ankle trekking up a 14 footer, or possibly yet, I’ll slip through a crack in the frozen ice near my friends’ farmhouse in the middle of Nebraska, soaking my Pokémon cards and dampening my middle school pride. There are many risks to being an “explorer” of nature, but the rewards far outweigh the cost of soaked gloves or cold feet.

The Adventures of Loraexplora & J-rad

I’m writing this blog while attempting to not move my shoulders, which is kind of hard to accomplish. This weekend I got BURNT. And not like, oh, she’s blushing, how cute burnt, like that girl is a straight up tomato burnt. I’ve never been one to apply sunscreen, or any sort of ointment, F THE MAN and all that stubbornness is a common theme I employ, but this weekend…I should have.

Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Beer Enthusiasts

I love outside, but I also really, really love beer. If you know someone like me on your list (I’m sorry), then how about combining their two favorite things this year? Because we all know a beer tastes better if you’ve earned it. Or, if you’ve just walked a few feet from your front porch and you get thirsty.

Why Ireland’s Glencolumbkille Just Might be Better than Galway

My first impression of Galway, this enchanting city by the sea, was one of mixed emotions. I had just gotten off a 4.5 hour bus leaving the small village of Glencolumbkille, which had unexpectedly stolen my heart. As the bus pulled away from Glencolumbkille, I had to keep myself from jumping off, knowing just how excited I’d be to eventually explore the winding cobblestone streets of nearby Galway.

10 Reasons why Nick Miller is my Hero

There’s always one character on your favorite show that you just know is meant to be your fictional best friend. That maybe, if they were real, the two of you could be caught getting beers after work at the local pub or contemplating life at 2 a.m. For me, that bestie is Nick Miller, aka Jake Johnson from New Girl.

5 Breweries to Follow on Instagram

There’s a lot to love about Instagram. There’s neat filters and the ability to make it look like you’re playing catch with yourself (thanks Boomerang!). There are also rad people to follow and super simple ways to see the world without even leaving your couch...something I don’t recommend at all, but to each their own.

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Noble Brewer

I could list a million reasons why we all need more Noble Brewer in our lives, but I’m going to run out of blog space and probably the amount of gifs I could find. So here’s five of the best reasons that will make you go, yes, give me more Noble Brewer! Best read while drinking delicious beer brewed by your favorite homebrewers.

5 Pieces of Beer Themed Attire You Need

Sometimes, we aren’t able to drink beer. Maybe you have a big presentation. Or maybe you’re babysitting and you’re trying to be a good influence. Whatever those infrequent situations are, when you can’t drink it, wear it. We’ve gathered up the comfiest, neatest attire for you when you need to channel that hoppiness that only a pint of the good stuff can give you.

A Quick Guide to Dublin

When I first landed in Dublin, I was heavily sleep deprived and unsure of how many hours my brain had just idled through. I had boarded the plane the day before, completely excited for the following 11 days in a country that stole my heart long before I ever stepped foot in it. I booked my ticket to Dublin on a whim, or rather on a borderline quarter-life crisis, the former sounding just a bit more adventurous.

5 Reasons to Give Beer This Year

In my opinion, beer is the best gift to give this holiday season. It shows those people on your list that you care about them enough to give a little bit of your heart (liver) to them. This year, cross off your lists by giving six-packs and bombers and growlers, oh my! Don’t forget to grab a few bottles for yourself as well; because baby, it’s cold outside, and you don’t want to let that pint out of your sight.

5 Places to Take Beercations

Vacations are the best, right? No emails beeping on your phone. No last minute deadlines looming. And no breakroom coffee to sort of wake you up in the morning. But do you know a little thing that is, dare I say, better than a vacation? A beercation. What is this word you say? It’s a trip that combines the best of everything: time off and plenty of good beer.


Laura L. Smith

If I had only one minute to describe myself, my cheeks would probably turn red, I'd start tearing off the wrapper of (insert a craft beer here) and my right foot would start tapping in a obscure pattern - leaving me with 30 seconds to tell you about myself. So here's what I'd say.

J-school grad with an unhealthy obsession with cardigans and coffee. I'm a serial bike commuter who's happiest while running and wandering somewhere in the forest, or mountains, or half-way across the world on the coast of Ireland.

I'll always lend you my cardigan if you're cold and I will probably utter a pun to ease the tension. As a warning my hair is always a mess and there's a good chance I have bike grease or coffee or chocolate somewhere on my shirt.

But who cares about your looks when you're a writer, right? Write.



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